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Finding the Perfect Everyday Shoe

Finding the Perfect Everyday Shoes for Your Feet

Your feet carry you through daily life. The right footwear provides them support and comfort, while the wrong shoes can cause pain and injuries. Choosing well-fitted, supportive shoes for everyday wear is crucial for foot health. Let's explore what to look for in your go-to kicks.

Shop for Arch Support

Shoes with good arch support reduce strain on feet. Arch support comes from the shoe's contoured footbed, any arch stabilisers built into the midsole, and orthotic inserts. A footbed that properly cradles your arch decreases pressure on the plantar fascia tissue along the bottom of the foot. Quality insoles also absorb shock.
Some warning signs you need more arch support are foot pain, arched areas feeling sore or flat feet collapsing inward. Switching to supportive shoes, like those from Revere, Frankie4, or Ziera, can help resolve these issues and prevent complications like plantar fasciitis.

Find the Proper Fit

An accurate shoe fit ensures all-day comfort. Try on shoes at the end of the day to take into account swelling in feet and get maximum comfort. When trying on shoes, wear the socks you normally would. Stand in shoes to mimic walking.

Ideal fit means:

  • A thumb's width between the longest toe and the end of the shoe
  • Feet feel firmly held without pinching
  • Toes can move and spread naturally
  • Heels don't slip when walking

Consider going up a half or full size if feet measure wider widths. Take time finding the right size versus settling for almost the right shoes. Ill-fitting shoes that are too tight or loose create pain and foot problems.

Look for Cushioning and Shock Absorption

Cushioning softens every step, reducing pressure on feet. Proper cushioning also lessens impact shock travelling up legs which can aggravate knee or back issues. The midsole provides the main cushioning. Opt for shoes with high-rebound EVA or foam midsoles. Outsoles also cushion feet and absorb shock. Flex grooves allow the outsole to bend with natural foot motion. Durable rubber outsoles guard against slippage. Rugged tread reduces shock on uneven surfaces.

Treat Your Feet Right with Quality Shoes

Do your feet a favour by selecting well-made shoes tailored to your needs. Get properly fitted at stores specialising in comfort footwear like The Footwear Store. Try brands like Ziera, Frankie4 and Revere for shoes merging style, support and cushioning. Break in new shoes gradually to allow adjustment. Give feet the comfort they deserve and prevent problems down the road.

Replace Shoes Regularly

The cushioning and support in athletic shoes wear down over time. As shoes accumulate mileage, their ability to safeguard your feet diminishes. The general guideline is to replace running shoes every 500-800km and cross-trainers every six months to a year.

Swap out any shoes if you notice uneven wear patterns, lack of support or visible creasing. Rotating between different pairs of the same activity shoes helps them maintain cushioning longer. Invest in new athletic shoes even if yours look fine - protection from injury is worth the cost.

Common Injuries Tied to Poor Footwear Choices

Numerous injuries stem from footwear failing to stabilise or cushion feet properly during physical activity.

Here are some to be mindful of:

  • Plantar fasciitis - inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue along the bottom of the foot, causing heel pain. Improper support leads to overstretching the plantar fascia and results in micro-tears of the fibrous band
  • Achilles tendinitis - irritation and swelling of the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle. Lack of cushioning and stability creates repetitive strain.
  • Ankle sprains - rolling the ankle sideways stresses ligaments beyond their means if shoes lack stability.
  • Stress fractures - excessive impact forces on feet without enough cushioning causes small cracks in foot bones.
  • Blisters/calluses - friction rubs against the skin when wearing shoes that are too loose or tight.
  • Bunions/corns - pressure points rubbing against shoes lead to painful bone and skin protrusions.

The Right Fit Makes All the Difference

Choosing athletic shoes tailored to your chosen activities keeps your feet functioning properly. Consider footwear a vital piece of protective gear, safeguarding your foot health and preventing injuries. Invest in shoes designed for the movements and surfaces relevant to your sports. Get properly fitted and replace them before the cushioning wears thin. Your feet will thank you!

Our five favourite shoes for everyday wear:

Revere Negare Womens Closed Back Sandal

Offers unrivalled arch support and cushioning in a stylish sandal. Great for summer wear.
Available in 4 colours

Revere Osaka

The Osaka is the perfect shoe for our corporate ladies who want to be comfortable in the professional workplace!
Available in 6 colours

Frankie4 Jackie III Sneaker

Jackie III is the epitome of understated, so-easy style. A champion of the finer details, her luxurious leather and careful cushioning make her ideal for exploring out and about.
Available in 5 colours

Ziera Xray Mary Jane Shoe

This shoe has a removable, supportive footbed that provides arch support, metatarsal cushioning, and heel cupping for stability, and can accommodate orthotics.
Available in 3 colours.


Ziera Solar

The luxe leather upper is paired with our most supportive footbed that features higher arch support and a deeper fit for stabilisation.
Available in 6 colours.


These are just a few options that provide arch support, cushioning and lightweight comfort for all-day wear. The Footwear Store has many more excellent choices for supportive everyday footwear.

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