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Summer Foot Injuries

The Surprising Link Between Summer and Foot Injuries

Are you noticing more foot issues popping up as the weather heats up?

You’re not alone. Podiatry clinics tend to see a significant increase in patient visits each year between October and February. While summertime brings welcome warmer weather and opportunities to get outside, it also introduces some unexpected risks to our foot health.

The longer days and pleasant temperatures naturally inspire us to get more active. We may participate in leisurely sports more regularly, take relaxing walks around the neighbourhood on weekends, or simply spend extra time enjoying activities outside with friends and family. This spike in physical activity places renewed demands on our feet. However, those demands can quickly lead to overuse injuries for those of us not used to such routines or who fail to properly support our feet.

Summer Footwear Changes Chip Away at Foot Health

Another contributing factor is changing our footwear with the seasons. Winter boots give way to open sandals, flip-flops, and other lighter options as temperatures rise. While the cooler shoes bring welcome relief, some sandals often lack key features our feet need, like arch support, cushioning and motion control. When looking for a summer sandal it is important to look for similar features we find in our enclosed footwear. Here are six summer sandal recommendations that will keep your feet pain-free and comfortable during summer.

Our Top 6 Shoes for Summer Happy Feet:

Archies Thongs/Slides

Archies were designed and created by a Physiotherapist who was concerned about people constantly wearing flat thongs. Their mission was to create a brand that creates supportive footwear that would be ideal for Australia's summer, hence Archie's was born. Their thongs are arch-supportive, and comfortable and come in a range of colours for both males and females. 

Ascent Thongs 

Groove Black/Black is ultra-light and super soft allowing the foot to relax. Offload strain from your Achilles tendon through an elevated heel combined with dual-density, contoured EVA footbed. Perfect to wear after sport and work. 

Revere Geneva Sandal

Stability is the name of the game with this closed heel Revere sandal. Perfect for fast-paced days around town, this orthotic friendly sandal is fitted with all the features that Revere Shoes is known for – strap extensions, premium leather, and unrivalled arch support. 


Pure Comfort Arwon Sandal

This closed back sandal offers the best in comfort and support. Arwon features classic stylings with latest in modern technology.

(Great for Bunions and hammer toes) 

Ziera Doxie Sandal

Crafted from premium leather with chic ruched detail, DOXIE by Ziera is all you need for everyday comfort! 

Ziera Daffodil Sandal

Comfortable, breathable and easy to wear, DAFFODIL by Ziera is a pretty and practical leather sandal ideal for active summers! 


Other Activities Putting Strain on Our Feet

Beyond activity levels and footwear choices, summer tasks themselves can put a strain on feet. Keeping up with household chores like yard work and DIY projects place repetitive stress on our plantar fascia and other foot structures. Activities like mowing, weeding, and repairs demand a lot from our feet weekend after weekend. Even fun summer activities like taking the kids to the park, walking around the neighbourhood, or spending time at local playgrounds keep us on our feet for hours.

Of course, problems also stem from simply being on our feet more running errands, attending events, or spending time with family and friends. The cumulative pressures of busy summer schedules and activities leave our tired feet struggling to recover.

How Can You Protect Your Foot Health While Enjoying Summer?

The key is gradually increasing activity, choosing supportive shoes, and resting when possible. When upping exercise, don’t overdo it too quickly. Give your feet time to adjust week-by-week. Supportive athletic or walking shoes with proper arch support and cushioning are a must. Regularly elevate your feet when you can to provide relief.

Summer also brings more risk for overpronation and collapsed arches, which can lead to plantar fasciitis. Look for stability and motion control features if you have this issue. Using custom orthotics prescribed by a podiatrist can also redistribute pressure away from sensitive areas.

Know When it’s Time to Seek Help

If concerns emerge despite precautions, book an appointment with your podiatrist. They can assess your gait, identify any biomechanical issues, and recommend personalised treatment options or custom orthotics. Getting help early prevents minor injuries from becoming chronic pain.

With some self-care planning and adjustments, you can keep your feet healthy all season long. Prioritise your foot health amidst your busy schedule. Then you’ll stay active and injury-free to fully enjoy everything summer has to offer!

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