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The Importance of Properly Fitting Footwear

The Importance of Proper Fitting Footwear

Sometimes we don't always understand how important proper fitting footwear is we often tend to look at the fashion aspect of the shoe and how good a shoe looks and what it will go with, without taking into account if it actually fits right. Did you know that if you have a pair of properly fitted footwear you can prevent so many injuries to the foot.

Getting the right size when trying on footwear is key you want to allow for adults at least half a finger space between your largest toe and the end of the shoe and for kids you want to allow a full finger/thumb space to the end for growth. A lace up shoe is the best fasting device you can get in a shoe as it prevents unnecessary slippage and movement.

A tip is to put your foot on the inner sole of the shoe and see if your foot is too close or overhangs the inner sole. This indicates that the shoe may be too small or not the right shoe for you.


Make sure you’re looking at the shape of the shoe and if it contours with your natural foot shape. For example if you have a wide flat foot there is a highly likely chance you will not fit a pointed style shoe as it becomes to narrow in depth in the front of the shoe and doesn't give you enough width across the bridge of your foot.

You also want the widest part of your foot to feel comfortable, snug and supported but not too tight that you feel restricted in the shoe. It is important to make you sure you don’t expect the shoe to stretch after it has been worn, If i shoe feels tight when trying it on it is always best to try half a size bigger or up to the next full size depending on where your toe is located in the shoe.

If your shoe is to tight,narrow or to small this can lead to multiple foot issues like bunions, hammertoes or ingrown toenails etc.The issue could be put down to poorly fitted footwear so make sure you get the footwear sales assistant to check the shoe fits correctly before you purchase.

Frankie4 are are brand that are doing well to fit fit all shapes and size feet. They have a custom fit pack that comes with each pair of shoes. In this pack there are 2 different inner soles and filler. These are able to be interchangeable in the shoes to accomodate the foot to fit in correctly. You can adjust how much room is at the forefoot, allowing more room for a wider foot or less room for a narrow foot to feel more secure. Many brands at The Footwear Store have different widths for different shoes allowing a diverse range of people to be able to wear their footwear.

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