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PodoExpert - Skin Repair Foam

Briggate Medical

PodoExpert - Skin Repair Foam



PodoExpert Orange - Skin Repair Foam is a formulation for severely dry, cracked and heavily callused skin.

•   Hydrates and nourishes the skin with an intensive supply of lipids and moisture
•   Scientifically formulated on the basis of the patented BarrioExpert® LIPO² Technology using skin-equivalent lipids
•   Fills the gaps in the lipid matrix of dry skin, initiates repair of the damaged skin barrier and thereby restores the skin's natural protective function
•   Forms a non-occlusive, breathable, protective mesh that keeps out germs, dirt and allergens while letting skin sweat normally
•   Clothing can be put on immediately after application; not greasy or slippery on skin & floors like traditional creams and lotions
•   No artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives
•   Suitable for the skin care of diabetics
•   Ideal for use between the toes

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