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Frankie4 MiRA


Frankie4 MiRA


Comfort reinterpreted, MiRA is a strappy-chic shoe. Buckle up into this Mary-Jane fitted with three layers of support, soft-foam cushioning and silky leather for comfort that goes the distance.

HEEL SUPPORT: Lifts, cradles and cushions the heel to help prevent and alleviate heel pain. 

ARCH SUPPORT: Helps facilitate better foot and leg alignment.  

FOREFOOT SUPPORT: Contoured to follow the foots natural forefoot arch, the Sole Hero Support Footbed supports the forefoot whilst spreading the load and avoiding pressure points under the foot.

Four Layer Support & Cushion System designed to help prevent and alleviate common foot pain symptoms.

Hidden heel raise to avoid the foot being in a very flat position.

Sole Saver™ Pack*: enabling a regular, wide or narrow fit with our clever pack included in the box.  Customize the fit to each foot. 

“Goldilocks” heel counter - not too firm, not too flimsy.

Leather upper, footbed cover and lining with specifically placed foam lining to alleviate pressure and rubbing on the skin. 

Our products have design features exclusive for our FRANKiE4 customers. We are proud our supportive designs are unique, hence why we invest in patent applications (both granted and pending) and/or design registrations of elements in most of the FRANKiE4 styles.

*Our Sole Saver™ Pack includes a full-length Sole Hero™ Support Footbed, a half-length Sole Hero™ Support Footbed, and forefoot cushions.

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